Ecologically Sustainable Paper Products.
Made from Bamboo & Sugarcane.
Free of inks,
& fragrances.
Save Our Trees.
Preserve Our Forests.

Fast Growing & Sustainable.

Reduces Water Waste

Ninety-five percent of all paper is made from wood, and large-scale deforestation and over-logging has been the worldwide result. Caboo instead uses sugarcane and bamboo in its products, renewable resources which leave a much smaller environmental footprint.

Preserves Our Forests

Humans consume about 27,000 trees daily for toilet paper. That’s alot of trees! By using bamboo and sugarcane, we can help minimize the effects of deforestation. Please join us to help conserve our forests.

Caboo Blog

We believe we all can make a difference in the choices we make every day. Together, we can help protect our environment for future generations. Follow our blog to learn about simple, sustainable solutions to follow and share with your family and friends.

What is Caboo?

Caboo provides household and commercial paper products that are made from sugarcane and bamboo. Sugarcane and bamboo paper are sustainable alternatives to conventional paper made from trees; minimizing the effects of deforestation. Not only is Caboo sustainable, it is also luxuriously soft. Bamboo’s natural fibers make it strong too. We hope you love Caboo as much as we do!

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