How to Conserve Trees: 10 Tips

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There are many ways we can conserve trees everyday. Here are some easy ways to cut down on paper, support tree-growth and make a difference!

1) Print less. Computers and phones make it easy to store information and communicate without the need for paper. Invest in a portable hard drive to back-up your important files at home.

2) Opt for paperless billing. Request your bills and correspondence by email instead.

3) Buy recycled paper products with a high post-consumer waste content and look for paper products that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. FSC is a third-party council that sets standards for forest products that have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

4) Seek paper products that use alternative sources of tree pulp. Today, we can find paper products made from other, more sustainable sources for pulp such as straw, bamboo, and even elephant poo!

5) Use an e-reader. Instead of buying the paper-back, try using an e-reader. They are great for travelling too! If you prefer the paper version, borrow from the library, buy used, or organize a book swap in your community, at the office or with friends!

6) Buy an online magazine subscription. Most magazines offer a better yearly online subscription rate than buying the paper version.

7) Plant trees. Volunteer to plant trees or donate to tree planting organizations.

8) Invest in reusable food containers. There are lots of great products for packing and storing food. Lunchbots, Kleen Kanteen, Lunchskins to name a few!

9) Drink shade-grown coffee. Look for coffee brands that grow their beans in the shade rather than clear-cut land.

10) Send e-cards. E-cards are great and most are free! Paperless Post is one of our faves!

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